Schooling Sees Only What They Want To See

Memories Fade; Memories Laid; Memories Always Afraid – Anon 2020 You don’t recall when you were fed until you were sick I do; They do You don’t recall when his grip bruised your arms I do; Others do You don’t recall the harsh words that brought your tears I do; They do You don’t recallContinue reading “Schooling Sees Only What They Want To See”

Blogging: a steep but necessary learning curve

Things I learned this month, (1) use a title that tells the readership what your blog is about. It may help to avoid hours of anguish. I often forget to remain in the present rather than being taken back to high school memories I would rather forget existed. (2) People will comment. The good, the bad and the down-right ugly. It can be difficult to send the inner voice out into this very public arena, only to have negative comments added in a relatively short space of time. Prepare oneself mentally and emotionally