Schooling Sees Only What They Want To See

Memories Fade; Memories Laid; Memories Always Afraid – Anon 2020

Mother holding infant son
Memories Fade; Feelings Do Not

You don’t recall when you were fed until you were sick

I do; They do

You don’t recall when his grip bruised your arms

I do; Others do

You don’t recall the harsh words that brought your tears

I do; They do

You don’t recall the origin of the water fears

I do; Do you?

You don’t recall the lost time for fun and play

I do; They do

You don’t recall why that tone sends you running

I do; She does

You don’t recall the days from school, to heal

I do; I wish I didn’t

You don’t recall my broken bones or stitches

I do; Thank God you don’t

You don’t recall your fall to the floor

I do; He wont

You don’t recall when I stepped in front

I do; you shouldn’t

You don’t recall the poking, prodding, torture

I do; they do

You don’t recall sleeping with your arms tied behind your back

I do; I released you

You don’t recall my fears for you

I do; they never left

Your scars are deeper than you realise

You just don’t see them yet

ANON – 2020

Published by Chelle Oldham

Woman; Mother; Wife; Ex; Researcher; Academic; Lecturer; Teacher; School Teacher; University Teacher; Manager; Planner; Swimmer; Artist; Author; Poet; Reader; Editor; Santa; Nurse; Counselor; Disabled; Single; Cook; Cleaner; Supervisor; Administrator;

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