Behave Like You Care

Behave as though you have it; not as though you cant spread it!

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Would they say it was worth it? Some spent Christmas Day alone

Would you say one day was worth it? Your next Christmas may now be alone

Is there anyone who has not lost? If so, we would like to chat

Loss may have guided your choices then, but loss is growing quite fat

You only needed to miss one day, responsibility is our own, but

No words can be used to blame when such sorrow is over-grown

Stay away. Cover your face. Wash hands and live by God’s Grace

Reste loin. Couvrez votre visage. Se laver les mains et vivre par la grâce de Dieu

New Scientist (2019) Illustration of the ultrastructure of the Covid-19 virus

Will Mother’s Day be next, or maybe Easter Week?

What day is worth 1000 dead? Consequences are remaining bleak

Do you not understand? It is not a race when the killer’s ahead

Perhaps its in the wrong language, this is the language of the dead

Should everyone live by a gun? Put soldiers on the street

Is it really so hard to remain indoors, such an epic feat?

Stay away. Cover your face. Wash hands and live by God’s Grace

Nie zbliżaj się. Zakryj twarz. Myj ręce i żyj z łaski Bożej

1000 families, parents’ children; 1000 children of God. Why?

Do you not see and feel each one; see them missing as each day goes by?

Your mother, your father, your brother, your gran

Your uncle, your sister, your son

If police can locate a lone gunman; should they trace footsteps back to you?

Must you lose your most dear family member; or maybe a few?

Stay away. Cover your face. Wash hands and live by God’s Grace

Bleib weg. Bedecke dein Gesicht. Hände waschen und nach Gottes Gnade leben

Pray to whomever you choose. Humanity need more prayers.

I pray for you each day. I pray for our angels in service

I pray that God helps us all, in the hope humanity still cares

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Published by Chelle Oldham

Woman; Mother; Wife; Ex; Researcher; Academic; Lecturer; Teacher; School Teacher; University Teacher; Manager; Planner; Swimmer; Artist; Author; Poet; Reader; Editor; Santa; Nurse; Counselor; Disabled; Single; Cook; Cleaner; Supervisor; Administrator;

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