Allowing Murder

E E Davi-Ham 13yrs

There are 2 sides to every war

Not this one

To the streets we take the brawl

A chesty song

Recruiting soldiers to the fight

Both rich and poor

A battle til all hours of night

Shaken to the core

Hiding behind our fabric shields

No shining swords

Some still aid the enemy, kneel

Deafened to its cause

They let the murderer into camp

Knowing they wont pay

The number climbs up the ramp

The livings slow decay

The killers prefered target

Vulnerable and old

They put the old on the market

Turning warm to cold

By not thinking further

You allow their murder

Published by Chelle Oldham

Woman; Mother; Wife; Ex; Researcher; Academic; Lecturer; Teacher; School Teacher; University Teacher; Manager; Planner; Swimmer; Artist; Author; Poet; Reader; Editor; Santa; Nurse; Counselor; Disabled; Single; Cook; Cleaner; Supervisor; Administrator;

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